Welcome in Cristalclinic world!

A world of rigorously handmade bijoux, with all the possible techniques, because I love to experiment always new paths, and dedicated to a woman who knows she is unique, who wears a jewel to make her day joyful, to communicate she is a special person and who loves gemstones and rare components.
She believes in metaphysical meaning of gemstones which usually “choose us”.

Gemstones for centuries have been the main drug shamans used and for centuries to every gemstone have been attributed peculiar powers and properties.
Who all in a sudden, a certain day, has not been captured by a certain gemstone? If you deepen, you will discover in that particular moment of your life, you just need the help of that gemstone.
I like to create jewels with special components, but also with a symbolic meaning, jewels who show a feeling, a vision, a thought.

Jewels talking to heart and soul of the woman is wearing them, because beauty is never only an aesthetic fact.
And if you are looking for a personalized jewel here I am.
I have a very special personal method to create a bijoux, thought, designed and created just for you.

cristalclinic_cuore02   Salva