Cristalclinic components.

To create a jewel, I have been searching in every corner of the world for special glass beads, better if vintage, and unique in colour, shape and history.
I am in particular fond of handmade glass beads with that unmistakable irregolarities which speak about the precious hands of women and men who produced them.
I like to know  which country they are coming from.
I like not only glass, but also many other materials like wood, shells, ceramic, raku….in short every component is beautiful and speaks about some story.
Considering my passion for crystal world, obviously I like to combine  glass beads with uncommon gemstones, special and  unknown, because mineral world is a territory without borders and we will never end to discover how wonderful and rich is nature. I like to have a particular relationship with my mineral providers to listen to all the stories they know about the gemstones I choose.
I like to combine different components trying and trying until I feel that my jewel has an inner consistency and  compactness which gives the meaning I am looking for.

gocce_quarzo     Salva Salva